Character Creation and Locked Classes and Races

Because of the world i choose, there will have to be some limitations for playable classes and races as they don't make sense to me within this universe. 

Races not allowed: Tiefling and Dragonborn.

Classes not allowed: Bard.  Bards use expressive magic like the Sartans, and that is not allowed in Patryn society. 

Now on to the fun part:

Your starting character level will be lvl 5.  This is because your character has been training to be a runner, and no person would go out into the labyrinth without the tools and skills to do so.

Ability scores will be found using the variant system mentioned in the Player's Handbook on page 13.  Basically, you start with all stats at 8.  increasing each stat requires a certain number of points that come from a total (27).  When the total is gone, your stats are done.  Max stats before race bonuses are added is 15.  Meaning you can't make a stat above 15. See the PHB for more details.

As for equipment, choose the equipment from your class description.  And roll for starting gold from page 143 of the PHB.  


Character Creation and Locked Classes and Races

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