Patryn Society

There are 3 casts to Patryn Society:

  1. Farmers, mayors, families, etc…

    1. These are people with magical ability, but they instead use it to keep their towns and bastions alive with the necessities.
  1. The guards, warriors, etc.

    1. Guards of the towns and bastions.  Keep the abominations of the labyrinth from entering or hurting their town's inhabitants
  1. The runners.

    1. Every runner is an orphan of a abomination attack.  Instead of assigning them to knew families, they are sent to the biggest stronghold in the labyrinth.  It is also the stronghold closest to the exit from the labyrinth.  Even being close, no one has ever made it out (they is known).  They serve as a station for runs to the exit, and to prevent the mass of abominations from entering the labyrinth unhindered.  The mortality rate of this group is nearly 100%.  The only old surviving members are the teachers at the stronghold. 

Patryn Society

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