World Overview and the Labyrinth

Known History of the world before "The Sundering":

Not many details are known of the time before "The Sundering", but major events have been passed down from generation to generation.  The rest has been forgotten or remains hidden beneath the ground.

We know that Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Gnomes, and all the half-breeds were magic-less and used basic means to survive.  They believed in the old gods and their power over all life.  Each race would fight, kill, and deceive for their favor. Constant conflict was the way of life, and continued until "The wave" was discovered. 

Until that time, any acts of magic were assumed to be works of the gods, but it was, in fact, a magical energy which was called "the wave".  Whomever the wave touched, would get magical powers that could provide feats of strength, control of the elements, and the healing of wounds.  Depending on that person's strengths, you would get magic that seemed to match your abilities and skills.  But not everyone was so lucky.  The wave seemed to choose only select individuals for it's powers.  This created a schism in society between those who had magic, and those who didn't.  In a world full of conflict, this seemed to only make matters worse.  Magic users looked down on "The mensch" (non magic users) and common folk looked on magic users with fear and disdain. 

To make matters even worse, the magic users had a schism of their own.  There were two schools of thought on magic.  Those who used materials, semantics, and movement to cast spells (The Sartans), and those who used runes tattooed in their body as the medium to cast (The Patryns).  Not only did their casting methods differ, but both sides differed on how magic should be used.  Sartans believed that magic should be used to help people and advance society into a golden age of magic leaving the "Mensch" behind to their own devices.  Patryns believed that magic could be used to remove obstacles from their way and assure their dominance over all who oppose them.   This disagreement between methodologies would ultimately lead to everyone's downfall…

While the mensch feared and evaded the magic users, the magic war that ensued claimed the lives of millions (magic and non-magic users alike).  The world was now a broken and scarred place.  The Sartans, knowing they would probably lose the war, took a drastic step to end this fight once and for all.  They sundered the world.  Not much is known what the eventual world turned into due to them placing all Patryns in a special prison world known only as "The Labyrinth".  The "Mensch" that were alive after the sundering, were left in their respective locations. 

The Labyrinth:

We know the Sartans created this prison to reform us.  They told us that after placing us here.  And for a while, the labyrinth was run by the Sartans and kept in check.  But after some time, it was apparent the Sartans had left us.   Their kind hasn't been seen in over 100 years…  Without the wardens present, the labyrinth seemed to develop a mind of its own.  It would change itself, and control local monster populations to systematically wipe out and eradicate the life contained within.   Instead of a prison, they got a living hell.  The Patryns, to survive, developed heavily fortified bastions to protect themselves from the horror's outside. 

Patryn Jobs and the desire for escape:

With the labyrinth constantly looking for their blood, Patryn's have hardened into warriors/mages of the highest caliber, but they still fear the labyrinth and the horror's it unleashes.  Patryn society is cast based depending on the job they are assigned.  Workers who farm crops and keep society running are the lowest class but still well respected.  The next class are the guards of each city.  The highest class are the runners.  These individuals are held in such high regard because they go out into the labyrinth willing to trade news with other bastions, and try to find a way out of this accursed place.  This cast is known for their high mortality rate, but are a necessity to remain viable in this place.

World Overview and the Labyrinth

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